Read Luke 5:17-26

In Chapter Five of his gospel, Luke documents three of Jesus’ miracles. All of them are important for what they tell us about Jesus, i.e., his identity and authority. However, they also give us clues as to Jesus’ ultimate mission, because Jesus uses his miracles to explain his priorities. Surprisingly, his priority is not to feed people or heal them of physical diseases and ailments.

  1. What authority/power did Jesus’ claim to have? (Check out Daniel 7)
  2. What is meant by the word ‘sin’?
  3. How would you answer the question Jesus puts to the Pharisees and teachers of the law? Why is it such a telling question?
  4. Why did Jesus first forgive the man and only later heal him?
  5. What did Jesus mean when he said ‘your sins are forgiven’?
  6. What do people feel guilty about?
  7. Are our guilty feelings the same as what Jesus meant by sin? 7
  8. How do we try to relieve our sense of guilt?
  9. How does Jesus deal with sin?
  10. Do you think you need to be forgiven by God?
  11. What do Jesus’ words and actions reveal about his priorities and mission?

Mid Week Readings