Read Luke 10:27-41

As with the other evidence studied so far, both the parable Jesus tells about a Samaritan and his talk with Mary and Martha give us further clues as to Jesus’ identity and the nature of his mission on earth.

  1. The questions that people ask often tell us something about who they are. What do you make of the lawyer and his question? (vs 25, 29)
  2. What did Jesus mean by ‘do this and you will live’? (vs 28)
  3. What does the word justify mean?
  4. How do we seek to justify our existence to ourselves, to society and to God?
  5. How do you seek to justify your existence?
  6. Why did Jesus choose a Samaritan as the hero in his story?
  7. Do you think it is possible to ‘go and do likewise’ or to justify yourself to God?
  8. How does the story of Martha and Mary reinforce or develop the point Jesus has just made?
  9. Who do you most identify with, Mary, Martha or the lawyer?
  10. What have you learnt from these ‘stories’ and how will they affect your life?

Mid Week Readings