Is it noisy in here?

Jason HoetNews, Pastor

Do you feel like we live in a world of noise? There is so much information pushed at us, no wonder our minds feel so cluttered. Amongst this noise, our church is also trying to communicate. On Sunday I hope a sermon can be heard, in our bulletin people hope their notices are read, leadership hope vision is conveyed. That’s a lot of hope! Is it rewarded? It is hard to tell what we can catch amongst the noise. This is why I try to make communication sharper. Less is more. Say things which are relevant to the audience. Key messages need to be repeated, often. This is a work in progress!

There are issues with not saying enough. We recently received feedback we could better inform our congregation regarding key discussions and decisions being made at a Leadership level. We agree. This encourages engagement, ownership and vitally, prayer. We will in future:

  • A week prior to our Leadership Team meeting provide in the bulletin a few key points for prayer on what is on the Agenda. Following the meeting, we will provide a summary of key decisions and discussion.
  • We will provide Member’s Meeting Agenda and Papers earlier, to allow opportunity for prior input, questions, discussion with the Lead Pastor and/or Chair.

Please know I welcome the conversations. Somehow, we must cut through all the noise. In a community, communication matters. It helps us grow together, make better decisions, encourage one another.