Breathe and Abide

Jason HoetNews, Pastor

The tempo is picking up. At our recent staff meeting, we started planning for Christmas. I noted on Sunday there was a flurry of announcements. It seems, there is a lot going on at our church. This is good because it is better than the alternative. And there is a risk we ought to pay attention to. Activity is no substitute for Abiding.

John 15 reminds us to remain in Jesus as ‘apart from me you can do nothing’. I know my predisposition is towards activity and action. I see what needs to be done. I do what needs to be done. I believe I am in a church full of action orientated people. My question to all such types, is where are we abiding in Christ? Activity may make us feel productive but can take us from spending time with God. As a Church, is our sustaining life being sourced from the presence of God?

Over the past 12 months, we have worked at strengthening various areas of our church life: the way we pastorally care, our youth and young adults, our governance and management, our growth groups, community, worship life. There has been one area which has been consistently nagging me. Has it nagged you? It is prayer. I know we have pray-ers in our church. But is the culture of our church life prayerful? I am flagging that in the future we are going to bring focus to this. But for now, with the increasing activity, get some space, take a breath and Abide in Him.