Have you met an unhappy generous person?

AV/DataNews, Pastor

Some months back I heard Cameron Doolittle, author of “Joy Giving”  speak on generosity. He asked a question that has stuck with me, “Have you met an unhappy generous person?”

A spirit of generosity comes with its own blessings. It brings joy to the bearer. It provides purpose to the giver. It cultivates connection and empathy for others. True generosity never makes blessings such as these the focus. But this is the kind of fruit which is reaped from the seeds of giving.

Generosity is manifest in many ways, not just through money. Our ability to be thankful is a strong indicator. Our capacity to encourage and praise others and give honour is another. Don’t forget, the way we talk to ourselves, about ourselves. Our open heart to new people is another as is how often we listen rather than seek to be heard.

Our ‘Thanksgiving Sunday’ month is another opportunity for generosity and joy. We certainly thank and honour God for his work among us. We honour faithful servants who enable the ministry and mission of our church. The focus of this month will be Sunday September 23, please make it a priority to join us then. Why not celebrate with us! After all, if you have never met an unhappy generous person, there ought to be a lot of happy people there that day!



Check out this brief video on generosity