Silly Season opportunities

AV/DataNews, Pastor

We are in the last quarter of the year. Summer is coming, and I can almost hear the Christmas tunes in shopping malls. Already we are planning end of year breakups, preparing for school holidays. As we enter the silly season, I want to highlight some opportunities for community, faith and witness.

Church camp is very soon, Oct 26-28. Building community takes time and camps provide just this opportunity. I understand why people may not be able to make a whole weekend away. Why not plan to attend on Saturday, or Sunday for church.

Our Christmas Street party is early, Sunday Dec 9. This is a great event which around 300 people attended last year. Of course, we are looking for helpers to run the event. As a new initiative I would like a team of people to connect with the crowd and build an ‘open crowd festival’. Don’t forget to invite your friends, family and neighbours. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our church and sow gospel seeds.

On Sunday Dec 16 we have our Kids Church Christmas Service. Kathy is bringing together a Christmas play and songs. As I watched the ‘production’ last year I thought this really helps little children hear the Christmas story. Do you know any families who are not connected to church, and have little children? Why not invite them along?

Christmas Day is often a day our non-church going family will come to church. Invite them, and others, to the Christmas day service. Again, it is a wonderful way to showcase our church community. The building is full, people are happy, the service is short! I will be bringing a Christmas shaped, short, fun gospel message that morning. To at least get people thinking.

For all this, can you pray? We may run events, connect with people, but it is God who brings the harvest. Pray that when I speak the gospel publicly I connect, am clear and compelling. Pray for our church that we grasp every opportunity God gives us to build others up and share the good news of Jesus.