To Love is Risky

AV/DataNews, Pastor

To love is risky. Most worthy ventures are. To take our first breath was a risk. Much like that first breath, love came naturally, at least at first. As we age and gain autonomy, we realise unlike breathing, love is a choice which comes with real risk.

With love are the risks of a broken heart, disappointment, being hurt, loss, the risk of suffering. Far more risks than can be named. Why would we take such a venture on, with anyone? Because the alternative is soul destroying – we fail to love, we are unloved.

Lovers, parents, children, friends instinctively choose love. Granted there may be naïve optimism, but the joy of love is compelling. The pain of love does pass. In fact, does not the pain of love prove love? Love is best seen when it is given for the good of the other. This is best seen when it is costly or not for your own benefit.

The story of the Scriptures describe the risks God embraced in creating a world of love. There is story after story of rejection, disappointment, loss, suffering. This brokenness is not only shown in the bible, it is daily demonstrated in our world and lives. The incredible glory of God’s love is seen in this, “God so loved the world he gave his only Son” (John 3:16). Or in this, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8). With extraordinary cost, God has given his best for our good. That is love.

Lighting the fourth candle: Today we light our final Advent, in the hope that we may see clearly all that is made known to us in the coming of Jesus.

Prayer: Our loving God, we thank you for your love generously shown in the gift of your Son. Fill us with more of your love, so that we may be healed, refreshed and loving to others. Amen.