First Five Weeks

Jason HoetLibrary

  • Format: Group Study
  • Location: Download Book , Office can print copies
  • Author/s: UPBC
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Available: n/a


The following set of studies, utilising the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method, are designed to be used over the first five meetings of new Growth Groups. They introduce each Faith Key and help to set expectations and practices for each group during its formative stage. Some groups may choose to use the DBS method beyond the initial five weeks.

Across our church, we seek to cultivate five keys to growing in faith. Growth Groups can support people by utilising these keys through regular meeting and activities:

  1. Word & Prayer: Deepening our relationship with God
  2. Connection: Knowing others and being known.
  3. Generosity & Service: Living for the good of others.
  4. Discipleship: following and helping others follow Jesus
  5. Rhythm: Developing healthy habits for life.

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