Ministry Update – April

Jason Hoetministry


  • Church picnic was well attended and lots of fun!


  • Growth Groups continue to grow. Kaye has begun a new group on Monday nights
  • The Credo series on the Apostles creed has just finished
  • Our Easter Services were a powerful time for our church community
  • God used Easter Camp for a wonderful impact on our young people


Leadership Update April


  • We have now had 2 council meetings. The initial meeting to plan for 2019


  • Eldership is laying foundations for meeting together.
  • We are updating our membership process for the new constitution
  • We are revisiting how we manage the fellowship fund and support vulnerable people financially
  • We are currently looking for an additional member for Eldership


  • Deacons are laying foundations for meeting together
  • We have established a finance and Asset committee to manage church finances
  • The budget will be released in time for May 26 Members’ Meeting
  • We are looking for an additional Deacon
  • We are finalising our church budget
  • Finance and Asset Committee are working hard at streamlining our finances

Prayer April

Those close to us

  • Give thanks for the work God is doing in many people’s lives
  • Churchwide spiritual growth and biblical literacy
  • Children & Young people grow to be more like Jesus – ‘Seeds sown now will fall on fertile soil’
  • Developing the habit of reading our Bibles
  • PM Service will impact, influence increasing numbers of people in following Jesus
  • People of all ages will develop faith habits which “train us to be godly”
  • Youth & Young Adults make godly obedient choices
  • Increasing numbers of people participate in growth groups and grow together in following Jesus

Those who lead, teach, heal us

  • Jason as he prayerfully plans the Sermon Series for the year
  • Speakers will preach faithfully, powerfully, God’s Word
  • Simon in his planning for the youth teaching input
  • Kathy in her direction of Kids church teaching
  • Allan, and teachers will equip our Internationals to understand God’s Word and teach others
  • Growth Group leaders and Facilitators will engage their groups with God’s word

Those who have authority over us

  • We continue to have religious freedoms to live by our convictions and teach biblical truth in love
  • In a world which challenges biblical truth we will confidently & clear speak God’s Word in a way which helps people hear and be set free.

Those who are vulnerable among us

  • Youth & Young Adults struggling in faith may seek God and find him
  • People who are experience life as a struggle may hold onto the promises of God’s Word and know his freedom & power in their life.