May Mission Month

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We firmly believe God loves our whole world. Every person in every place! God’s rescue of our world is in a continual movement across local homes, neighbourhoods across his world. As a local church we join with God when we share faith in Jesus in our neighbourhood. We also join with God globally when we support those who bear witness to Jesus internationally through mission agencies we support. Today we will enjoy celebrating baptisms of six people who are part of our local church. We also love to celebrate baptisms of people through our support of ministries and churches in Japan, or Cambodia or Sri Lanka. 

May is a significant time in Australian Baptist Churches to focus on Global mission. Today 42% of the world’s people still live in people-groups that are “least-reached.” That means there are significant social and cultural boundaries to be crossed if we are to be able to share the Good News of Jesus with them. 

We can partner with Global Mission in May in three ways PRAYER: Pray for the Ames, Hutchinsons, TEAM and our Baptist agency Global Interaction, each day during May. 

  • PRAYER: Pray for the Ames, Hutchinsons, TEAM and our Baptist agency Global Interaction each day during May. 
  • FINANCES: Partner financially with one of the projects our church will be supporting through the month. We will again be supporting two projects, one through the Ames (TEAM) and the other with the Hutchinson family (GIA).
  • TEAM: I am looking to bring together people who are passionate about Global Missions so we can support, advocate and increase our Church’s contributions. Currently we have 2 people and I am looking for more. If this sounds like you, please contact me.  

Go here for more information and to give to May Mission Month projects

In Him