Our church is a busy home

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This Sunday is a full day. We have a Kids and Youth service, which will be fantastic. Guaranteed they will encourage us and bring life to the service. Our Members vote on a new Associate Pastor appointment. This would make it 4 new staff in two years and should set our staff team for at least the next two. Our PM service will close out our important series on “Australians Together”. I can see God is using this series to align us to his justice and mercy. I believe this opens a doorway for good to be done in more areas of society. 

I feel this week is full, but not out of the ordinary. It seems every week in our church has many good things. This is wonderful. Not because I value being busy, but because I value life. Come to my household of 2 adults and 4 kids, and you will see our lives are full. It is noisy with four conversations running parallel. The house is more cluttered than at least one parent would like with books, sports & music equipment, shoes, washing. Our house is full of life. There will be a time when the house is uncluttered and quiet. By then all that family life would have grown up and left home. 

People may want to see church as an uncluttered and quiet place. There are many days in my house I would pay good money for quiet. While there are lively people, it is not going to happen. Adelaide is full of quiet churches that hope for more noise, because there are no little feet pattering across their halls. I thank God we have little feet, messy hands, and teenage angst. Life is still in this home.