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Last night I attended the Unley Council Community Grants Presentation. This year we are recipients of a grant for café style furniture for our playgroup and community events. We have also received three-year event support to cover the street closure for our Christmas Street Party. These finances help maximise our efforts and we are grateful for the grants. At the presentation the Council stated these contributions also maximise their efforts, returning 6 times the benefit to the City of Unley.

I valued hearing how other individuals, groups and businesses are contributing to our local community. There is the “Caring Choir” that brings joy to Carers and Carees; the Stobie Pole Art project on Liston Street Parkside; the Roboroos robotic club which has travelled the world competing in Robotic competitions; The Travelling Table celebration which profiles multinational food and employed refugees to increase their opportunities. It was encouraging to be in a room full of people practically, creatively invested in their neighbourhoods.

How can we be this? Practically, creatively invested in our community. I can see how Unley Council values supporting efforts for our city and from our city. Our church is contributors in this way. I would love to broaden this. Are you artistic? Could you organise Stobie pole art for Christmas and Easter times? Do you love organising? Could you help us engage our local neighbourhood with food, entertainment? Are you sporty? Could we use sports to connect to Internationals? I know we have the ability. We do this sort of thing, every week. How can we use this to increase our contribution?