We need to become great at events

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Churches are good at running events. We run church services, group events, picnics, street parties, guest speakers and more! We do this most weeks, most months of the year. We run large events, small events. How can we become great at events, for the Kingdom of God?

Recently the Council recognised while we are good at running events, we have not maximised our promotion and follow-through. We have all been at a wonderful event and felt more people should be there. We have missed momentum at times by not connecting our events with follow-on opportunities. This Tuesday night 7.30pm our leaders who organise our events are meeting to strengthen what we do. Come along if you are interested.

My passion is hospitality – making sure a crowd of strangers is built into a connected and a caring community. This is called an Open Crowd. We built this at last year’s Christmas street party through people serving, fun festival games, people saying “G’day”, thoughtful arrangement of the space and program. I want to ensure we have this practice for every event we run. My vision is our church great at Open Crowd Events, it is a distinctive for how we engage the broader community. To enable our key events, I would love to have an Events Team. Do you love making events happen? If so, talk to me.