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The bushfires these past few weeks have been alarming, dreadful and tragic. Given how much of Australia has been impacted, it is likely we personally know people who have fought fires, lost property, or even lost their lives. I suspect we all feel anxiety for those in harm’s way. I know there is increased prayer that God will show mercy. There is a heightened sense for what matters.

What does matter? If a bushfire came what would you try to take, what would you fight for, who would you fight for? In the crisis we have seen once again what matters is extended beyond personal property and family to the broader community. Neighbours fight for neighbours, volunteer firefighters serve for weeks, generosity for those in need is readily offered. It turns out that what matters is not just ‘me and my own’ people.

While none of us wish to live in constant crisis, this is a key insight for all of life. One that our faith in Jesus has always asked of us. As we look towards 2020 and work through our priorities, what matters? How will we extend beyond ourselves towards others?

In Him