Time to join a growth group

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

For Sunday Church, when will we meet again at our building? While there is indication some social restrictions are easing, I suspect it is unlikely we will all meet before September, possibly longer. Who knows!? It is more likely smaller groups than our whole congregation will be able to meet. This places a priority on our Growth groups – these are groups that have the purpose of connecting Christians to helps them grow together in following Jesus. 

Currently 30% of our adults meet regularly in a small group of between 2 – 12 people. Practically this means most of our church rely on our Sunday gatherings to build connection, sustain and equip them as followers of Jesus. It is my view the Sunday gathering cannot fulfil all these functions effectively. Given we are unable to meet, it has become even more challenging. 

Here is our opportunity – we would love to more people in growth groups. Given our times, it is likely that personal groups of fierce friends, triplets, mentoring will work best. Are you in a Growth group? Consider these 3 questions: 

  • Do I connect regularly with a smaller group (2-12) of Christians? 
  •  When we meet, do we actively support one another to follow Jesus? 
  •  Do we know and care for one another? 

How did you go? If you struggled to answer these questions positively, could it be time to consider a growth group? You could initiate a group amongst friends or contact us. For more information about Growth groups go to upbc.org.au/groups 

Enjoy,  Jason

(Photo by christianindex.org)