The shift in growth groups

Alice YoungFrontPage, News

Our church family life together is, and always has been, about more than Sundays. But all our usual connections have been interrupted or shut down at a time when we perhaps need them more than ever!

Growth groups have undergone a significant shift in the past month or two. Some small groups have chosen to go into recess, keeping connection through phone calls and emails. Others have worked hard to maintain ‘meeting’ through online platforms. It has been encouraging to see people stepping out of their technological comfort zones (including myself!) in order to be together in some form.

Ministry groups, such as kids church, worship, playgroup, leisure club and others, are perhaps finding it harder to keep connected as the task which holds them together is not currently taking place. On the other hand, there is a chance for rest and reflection. And for those who do meet, particularly the worship team on Sunday morning, it’s wonderful to see each other in person, even from 1.5 metres away!

With restrictions now gradually easing, there’s yet another shift. It will be some time before our whole church family can get together. Smaller groups will be our primary meeting place for the next while. Suddenly our growth groups are more important than they have ever been!

So what might this look like for you? Can you build on the relationships you already have within your small group? Is this the time to join a small group? New groups are always a possibility. Or would you rather find one, two or three others to make contact and pray with? Now is the time to strengthen our relationships with one another.

While meetings in homes are still largely outside the regulations, groups or 10 or less are very welcome to use the church building as a meeting place. See the protocols in the Link this week for details.

Love to you all, Miranda (Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash)