People make churches

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Heather Waldron finished serving as our Office Manager on Tue 30 June. At our recent Member’s meeting we gave this minute of appreciation: 

“Over the past 13 years, Heather served sacrificially as Unley Park Baptist Church’s Administrator and Office Manager. Heather was integral in supporting volunteers, coordinating events, and organising the life of our church. Heather’s contribution through this time includes the success of our wonderful Christmas street party and upgrading our rear hall flooring, offices, and storage spaces. We are thankful for Heather and give thanks to God for her service.” 

As wonderful as church buildings might be, it is people who make churches. Our church has had a long, rich life because of the multitudes of people who in love for God, serve others. We are as dependant as ever on such people for our ministries today. In the purposes of God, we all play a part. No one is superfluous to requirements. Thank you, Heather, for wonderfully demonstrating how God works through willing servants for His good and glory.

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