We are in this together

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Life is too hard to do it alone. We will do much better when we help one another. This is true in ministry. The mission is too large for our church to soldier through alone. 

This week our Pastoral staff have been at the Baptist Churches Pastors conference. This has been a refreshing time. It turns out our church and her people are not alone with challenging experiences. Through being together, our staff have been encouraged, opened to ideas and, connected with others to strengthen our practice. This is the way it should be. 

Good partnerships are a strength. When we have this, we achieve far more than we could alone. This is why, I am excited we partner with, among others, the workplace ministry ‘Engage Work Faith’. Aside from the fact we like the director Craig Broman, we believe this ministry can help us maximise our opportunities in our workplaces. This is the focus ‘Engage Work Faith’ have every day. If you want to grow in your workplace influence as a Christian, it makes sense to take up EWF initiatives. If we want to see business people come to faith, EWF are there to willingly help. Over the coming weeks we are raising funds to support the launch of EWF in our state. Why not come onboard and invest in this vital partnership? 

In Him, 

Jason  ( Photo by Nicole Baster on Unsplash)