COVID19 Update 18 Nov 2020

Jason HoetEvents, FrontPage, News, Pastor

Dear Church,

For the coming 6 days all church programs are suspended. This is in response to the CV19 Govt directions. As directions are updated, we will inform you on the implications for our church.

I, no doubt like you, completely agree our state needs to go hard early to give the best chance for no community infections in the longer term. I must admit I felt flat as I heard the initial directions on Monday night. I know this has real personal impact on people. Businesses are losing money, people are now unable to travel to see loved ones, it is now difficult to see people in residential care, we are cancelling many of the enjoyable things we love to do.

Given we are making all these sacrifices, please continue your commitment to COVID-19 safe practice:
• if you feel unwell or show symptoms, get tested and stay home until you are well.
• Wash hands often wipe frequently touched surfaces and cover coughs and sneezes
• Maintain 1.5 metres distance from others
• Stay at home and when out, wear a mask
• Follow Govt directions

We will continue to Livestream. You can access our online service through our website

We have been here before. We did incredibly well then, we will do so again. Please be in prayer for our state, our leaders and those most affected by these restrictions. Please look out for one another. We can do this in a myriad of ways. When we do, we strengthen our community which is good for now and any further challenge.

In Him