COVID19 Update 20 Nov 2020

Jason HoetEvents, FrontPage, News, Pastor

Now for another quick change, we are returning to our initial plan early this week!

After midnight Saturday 21 Nov 2020, our State COVID19 directions means church gatherings can be up to 100 people on site & we must maintain a room density of 1 person per 4 sqm. Infants and children are included in the headcount and people employed or undertaking official duties, are not. There is also no dancing permitted, which for some could be a big deal ;-).

For our church, this means we can have 100 people on our site, with a maximum of 70 in the main auditorium. Households are capped at 10 people, including the residents. Given this we are making the following changes to our church life:

  • We are encouraging our Kids Church families and Internationals to continue to attend church in person. The reason for this is we know how difficult the Livestream format is for our children, youth, and non-English speaking people. We are prioritising their attendance, along with their families. At these services there will be COVID19 Marshals and we will be diligent in completing relevant checks as people enter our site. There will also not be morning tea provided.
  • The remainder of our congregation is encouraged to attend our church service by Livestream. You can access our online service through our website
  • Youth group will resume next week (Fri 27 Nov 2020), making the necessary adjustments to comply with COVID19 directions.
  • Our senior’s events are cancelled.
  • Growth Groups must have no more than 10 people in a house. If required Growth Groups could meet on our church site.
  • Any onsite groups need to book through the church office and follow required protocols.

Within the limits of government guidelines, we affirm people exercising their judgement in managing the risk for their families and our community. We will maintain this approach until further government directions are given. Be assured, we will notify you when this happens.

Thanks for your patience