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Is it time to be more political? Politics can be like watching a street fight and trying to decide whether to intervene. Mostly Aussies, and evangelical Christians don’t. There is a sense, unless it spills onto my lawn, let it be. This is not a noble position, but it is pragmatic. I wonder if Christians are feeling like political issues are now at the front door? 

Last night the “Voluntary assisted dying bill” passed our Lower House and is likely to become law. The “Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2021” passed into law early March, 2021. Christians and Denominations have submitted letters, petitions, and meetings with Ministers resisting these bills. They have done so, not to protect their moral order, but because they believe they are offering the most just and compassionate approach, especially for the most vulnerable. There are competing views for what is just and compassionate. Given the outcomes, the view with the majority numbers in parliament, wins. We Christians should reflect on our lack of involvement in politics. Especially if we believe the most vulnerable may be at risk when laws and public policies are changed.  

When we get involved, I offer two suggestions: 

  • Consider the log in your own eye first (Matthew 7:5): our Lord asks us to be self-reflective on our own errors first, before we address another’s ‘splinter’. 
  •  “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (James 1:19): While you may disagree, listen to understand the alternative perspective. It will temper your own and strengthen the outcome. 

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