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Would you say helping a church get started is a good thing? At the end of this month, Unley Park will help a church do just this. Over the past months, we have had conversations with two Iranian church communities. They are wanting to combine to evangelise and disciple more of the 2000 Iranians who call Adelaide home. Through the ministry of Allan Stanley-Smith and our own relationships with Iranians, UPB can support. We can provide a meeting place, support, and our resources to give this mission its best chance.

It has been beautiful to meet with the key leaders to discern their future. There is excitement. One of the leaders said, “it is like our church is growing up.” There is opportunity for all. I have known for some time our own lack of cultural understanding limits our effective discipleship of Iranians. There is multiplication. We are increasing our ministry efforts through partnership with godly people.

Please pray for the key leaders as we begin this journey together: Bahram & Linda, Maysam, Nasser & Maryan, Mehdi. We anticipate God’s great news in Jesus being embraced by more Iranians. To the glory of God!



(Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash)