We create connections with others

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

In community work a catalyst is a person who brings the right people together to get an initiative going. They often step back once the initiative is established. I remember some years ago a couple in our church organised a special dinner for our Pastors. The Pastors were transported over the night by different drivers to multiple locations. The dinner at each home had a variety of cooks and people entertaining. It was a special night, many people were involved, and the organising couple were not part of it. They got the ball rolling by bringing people together and letting them do their thing. They were catalysts.

In our church we create connections with others because we are catalysts. We bring people together believing something positive will come of it. Building great community does this. People make friendships, support one another, have a sense of wellbeing, and more. All because someone connected people together.

Our Basketball club season wraps up in a week. It has been another disrupted season, where we have not been able to operate as we would prefer. Training together has been a challenge, chaplain input limited, spectators reduced. But the club creates connections. We have had several new players and because of the culture they love playing with our club. Our club is a catalyst for friendship, mission, support, and playing basketball. When you create positive connections, something good will come.

That Pastors special dinner was a night to remember. Not just for the Pastors. It wouldn’t have happened without that creative catalyst couple. Thank you to all those who create connections with others. From your quiet efforts so much good comes.



Photo by Andrew Moca on Unsplash