Who can change the world?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Advent Reading: Luke 1:47-55

What kind of power changes the world? Common wisdom states such power includes the political, intellectual, financial, social. By this calculus a charismatic billionaire will have greater opportunity for change, then the average citizen. How then do we make sense of a young woman from a small, dispossessed people positively impacting more than a billion lives today?

This woman had no access to social media, no money, no political ties, no university education. Her name was Mary and her sole claim to influence was this, “for the Mighty One has done great things for me” (Luke 1:49). Her “great thing” was to “conceive and give birth to a son” who was to be called Jesus. (Luke 1:31). Mary’s song celebrates the real power that changes the world. It is not hers; it is God’s. He extends mercy, he brings down the proud, he lifts the humble, he feeds the hungry, he is faithful to his promises. Mary is amazed in this mighty work of God; she has a key part to play.

Our world is full of challenge and complexities which are beyond our capacities. Mary reminds us it is not beyond God’s. She also reminds us it is God’s way to work with the humblest of people to bring to pass his powerful world changing work.



Photo by https://tomperna.org/