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Could you tell the story of life with Jesus in 6 words? In the New Testament there are a variety of ways the writers tell the story of what Jesus has done. That makes sense, it’s a big story connecting with people in different ways. Authors Mark Baker and Joel Green explore this in their book, “Recovering the Scandal of the Cross,”. Mark Baker has a short useful article outlining 10 different ways how Jesus saves us. Here are my 6-word story attempts for each one: 

  • Representative punishment – died my death, gives his life 
  • God offers forgiveness – God forgives us, through Jesus’ death 
  • Jesus frees us from shame – Freed from shame, given Jesus’ honour 
  • Saved by Jesus’ blood – a purified life through Jesus’ blood 
  • Justification through Jesus’ faithful obedience – Right with God, because of Jesus 
  • Moral-influence – Jesus’ righteous suffering is our example 
  • Jesus suffered, in our place, the ultimate consequences of our sin. – Jesus died dealing with my sin 
  • God raised Jesus from the dead and triumphed over death (Christus Victor) – Jesus defeats death, powerful risen Lord 
  • The cross stops the cycle of violence – The cross stops violent, wrong power 
  • The cross disarms the principalities and powers – Jesus defeats evil and sin forever 
  • The cross judges – God judges’ sin at the cross 
  • The cross reveals – Jesus’ cross shows us God’s love 

Try yourself – What difference does Jesus make in your life? Tell this story of life with Jesus in 6 words. 



Photo by Lauren Kan on Unsplash