Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

“You can’t change the world, but God can”. This declaration was our focus at youth group recently. Our youth are looking at ‘how to change the world’, because we know we should play our part to improve our world. To encourage this outcome, often the message is ‘you have a voice’, ‘you have power’, ‘what you do matters’. When it comes to changing the world for good, we don’t think this is the first lesson to learn. 

We have big problems in the world right now. What would you identify as the primary cause for this pain? Humanity? People certainly can change the world, often for the worse. The most important lesson for how we can change the world is we can’t, but God can. The problems are too big, too complex and we are a significant part of the problem. 

To say “we can’t change the world, but God can” is hopeful. God wants the world to be better and incredibly he wants to work through us. Acknowledging God can change the world, now means you can too. We can play our part in God’s purposes. This puts our efforts in the right perspective. We are no longer reliant on the best we can do, but on what God can do. 

What do we do when we believe only God can change the world? We pray more, “your kingdom come on earth as in heaven”. We expect more, because nothing is impossible for God. Finally, through God’s strength, we play our part.