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This is a good season to invite friends and family to church. I wonder who you could invite? I appreciate this can be a challenge, but as followers of Jesus, it is our challenge to take. There are those far from God, but close to us. There are seekers who have no idea how to find. It is our privilege and responsibility to help them meet Jesus. 

We have a range of opportunities in the next few weeks: 

  • Invite families with young children, in-person or online, to our Kids Christmas Concert Sunday 11 December, 10am; 
  • Our Christmas Street Party Sunday 18 Dec, 5pm Kids Christmas Special Event – 6 – 7.30pm is open to all; 
  • The next 2 Sunday sermons are on finding peace in our relationship, and finding peace within; 
  • 9am Christmas Day; 
  • 10am News Years Day. 

Remember to ask your guests after, ‘What did you think about that?’ Listen and see where the conversation leads. If you ever feel those you know might benefit from a conversation with a Pastor, please make contact. These conversations are a priority. 

This is a good season to invite friends and family to church. I am praying God will use you to help those you love find our God who loves them even more. 

In Him,