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Lent Reading: John 4:5-42 

I wonder if we are always ready to share our life in Jesus? This encounter between Jesus and a woman at a well reminds us, we never know where conversations can lead us. 

My sense is neither Jesus nor the woman went to a well for a theological conversation. The woman also would never have initiated any conversation. Jesus was entirely the reason for the encounter. Yet, given the heat of the day, it was likely there were few people around. Finally, he had a moment to pause as the disciples headed to town. Jesus was resting, waiting, thirsty. In sense, Jesus could have clocked off. 

Reflect on this, when did Jesus clock off? How could Jesus clock off? How could Jesus stop noticing people? How could Jesus stop connecting people to his Father? Everything that happened in the encounter with this woman, was Jesus being himself. This interaction wasn’t a job, skill, or obligation. This ran deep. Jesus had eyes open to another person, heart open to embracing another, ears open to what was said or not said, and spirit open to the leading of God.  

Given a similar circumstance, how might you respond? How might we move towards being more like Jesus when we are present with people? What could you learn and put into practice today? 

In Him,