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Do you prefer to give or receive? Our church has many givers. There is a strong sense God has blessed us, we see needs, we can help, so we give. These are wonderful acts of thanksgiving and worship. It the heart of why we want to be a church “where our life in Jesus helps others”. 

I heard Dr Seblewengel Daniel offer a perspective which can enrich our approach in helping others. She said, “in sharing, there is receiving too”. Giving can be one sided. I give to your need. People who are givers may be reluctant receivers. Yet, we know strong relationships are reciprocal. There is a mutuality of giving and receiving. We also know there are different kinds of giving. You may help a family through provision of a meal, this is their blessing. Their thankfulness, delight and connection bring you blessing in return. 

Paul in Philippians 4:10-20 encouraged the church that by providing for him materially, they were in fact sharing in his ministry. They saw the needs and shared in his concerns. Paul in his ministry gave generously of himself. The Philippian church shared in this giving. Because they were invested in Paul’s ministry, they shared in its blessings. 

“In sharing, there is receiving too.” As a church, we are going to change how we approach our ‘giving’ to ‘sharing.’ It is a richer and better way of helping. So, why not go deeper than giving, become a ‘sharer’. 

In Him, 


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash