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“What is God teaching you through your present circumstances?” This question was asked by Victor Owuor, speaker at this week’s Baptist Pastors Gathering. This important question highlights our posture to learn, to grow in faith, through all circumstances. Can you see how our answer is a strong indicator to the vibrancy of our faith? 

Followers of Jesus are always growing. We are becoming more like Jesus. This transformation is not something we achieve by ourselves or in a day. Theologian Dallas Willard described Christians as “apprentices” to Jesus. He is the master, and we learn from him.  

Our transformation is also through consistent focus or practice. Very few people succeed at healthier eating or exercise, without making it a habit or lifestyle. Why is this principle not also true for our faith life? Dallas Willard said this:  

“As an apprentice of Christ, I may be saved by grace, but I still have years of habitual anger, materialism, lust, and many other things to be dealt with. They’re not just going to go away. Like someone who has a bad golf swing and always slices off to the right, I’m going to have to practice hitting the ball in a different way to make it go straight. The slice is in my body; it’s how I have been formed.” * 

To make this personal how would you respond to these questions:  

  • What you learning in following Jesus?  
  • How are you putting this into practice?  

In Him, 


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