Why we partner with others

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

We love working with others to help people. Our belief is God’s work is so important, and the opportunities are so great, our church must connect with others. Last year we actively partnered with 23 organisations to achieve more than we could by ourselves.

We partner locally with other churches and organisations. Through our connections local schools, the community, other local churches are strengthened. Our church is a key driver in supporting chaplains, working with Unley Council, bringing churches together, connecting youth and young adult ministries. This year we initiated a network of pastors of Baptist Churches that circle the city, for mutual support and shared mission opportunities.

We partner with global aid and mission agencies. With our support people begin to follow Jesus in places like Cambodia, missionaries are sustained in their ministry, persecuted Christians are supported, we play a part in people moving from poverty.

We partner cross culturally. We are not inter-cultural mission experts but through partnerships we actively contribute to Aboriginal and Iranian people following Jesus.

Through May we will hear from three of our mission partners. Open Doors serves persecuted Christians, Encounter Youth and Uni ministry to serve youth and young adults, Engage Work Faith supports people to share faith with their workplace friends, Westcare Centre works in the inner city to support vulnerable and homeless people. This helps inform and renew our support for these efforts.

This will be a sample of the breadth of our contribution. How amazing through our partnership in finances and people young adults on Hindley Street, University, at Schoolies are served. How amazing children can go on a school excursion because we gave. How amazing a struggling missionary is sustained in their service. How amazing God can us for his incredible work.

In Him,


Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash