Exceptional Bible Characters

Jason HoetDaily Bible

There are so many characters in Scripture, many who stand out in our minds as ‘superheroes’ for one reason or the other. Yet despite their amazing achievements, often it is their weaknesses, their struggles, which resonate with us and set an example for us to learn from. These exceptional characters provide ‘superhero’ moments, as well as more ‘human’ moments, which, … Read More


Jason HoetDaily Bible, Update

The goal of this plan is to take you through 7 days of thankfulness. It will help you explore different aspects of thankfulness and our need for thankfulness every day. To sign up for the 7-day devotional click on this link to read: with our church individually

Make Room

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

December is here! I’m sure you can relate to the sense that the year has gone quickly and here we are with Christmas around the corner. As Christmas events and gatherings fill the calendar it is often challenging to step away from the logistics, schedules and planning and make room to ponder the message of Christmas: the gift of Jesus … Read More


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You are the best way for our church to promote events. We can put up signs, run Facebook ads, handout leaflets, but people are more likely to go to something, because someone they know invited them. You are the best way for our church to promote everything we do.  This means 2 things. First, we hope you want to go. … Read More

Worship God in the place that he chooses…

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

In our sermon last Sunday we raced past Deuteronomy chapter 12, so I’m taking the chance to say a little more here. The message to Israel in chapter 12 is that they were to worship God and bring him sacrifices “at the place of worship he himself will choose.” (12:5). This was to be one place in Israel (the temple) … Read More


Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Hello, church! I am Mehdi, the leader of the Iranian church in Adelaide. As all of you are aware of the significance of prayer, I wanted to share of the impact of prayer on our country, Iran. Until 2001, the number of Christians inside and outside Iran was around twenty thousand. This number increased to one million by 2010 and … Read More


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The first Sunday of November is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This weekend thousands of churches, hundreds of thousands of Christians, will pray for our persecuted sisters and brothers in some of the most difficult places across the world.  Prayer reaches the One who has the power to bring change. When Israel suffered at the hand of … Read More

Babies should come with a warning

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

In the very short time I’ve been a father to Archie, there is one thing I have discovered very quickly. Babies should come with a warning – they may unexpectedly completely reshape and reframe your experience and understanding of God’s heart for you. There are a lot of other things people tell you in preparation for becoming a first-time parent. … Read More


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We work hard to be a safe, brave, and gracious community. A safe community is vital. People matter to us, so safety matters. Safe is when children are protected, people are not injured because of our lack of care, our programs are carefully planned, and people are welcomed, honoured, and respected. A trustworthy community is one where everybody’s safety comes … Read More


Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

What a dreadful week. The brutal terrorist strikes in southern Israel, massacring women, men, young and old is grievous. And now, Israel’s retribution crushing a population of Palestinians. Vengeance and more vengeance. Death and more death. I know this cycle is the threat and tragedy of our world, but there are times when what is at stake is frightening. This … Read More


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As we approach the Voice referendum, I hope we agree the church should be in prayer. While I will vote ‘yes’ for the Voice, I know thoughtful, considered Australians are voting ‘No’ out of concern for our First Nations and the best way forward. We might vote differently, but we share the same heart.  It might help if we had … Read More

Our God, the Only One – DeuteronomyOur God, the Only One – Deuteronomy

Jason HoetDaily Bible, Update

Deuteronomy is the final book in the Pentateuch, where we read Moses’ last three sermons and two prophetic poems detailing Israel’s future. Through these sermons, Moses urges the people not to repeat past mistakes while traveling to the promised land. This month we will be challenged, encouraged, and transformed to trust and obey as we apply Moses’ motivational sermons to … Read More