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The goal of this plan is to take you through 7 days of thankfulness. It will help you explore different aspects of thankfulness and our need for thankfulness every day. To sign up for the 7-day devotional click on this link to read: with our church individually

A month of grateful

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We know it is good to be grateful. So good, it should be a discipline, so it becomes a habit. At school we learn reading, writing, arithmetic. Where do we learn gratefulness? Hopefully at home. Most reading this are the influencers at home. We are the adults who set the tone for gratefulness. We are asked, ‘How was your day’? … Read More


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A vital ingredient in making a healthy community is good mentoring. For much of my time at Unley I have sought to encourage people to mentor, and young people to be mentored. It has benefited my own life and I have seen it do the same for others in our church. Therefore, mentoring is something we must actively pursue in … Read More

We create connections with others

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In community work a catalyst is a person who brings the right people together to get an initiative going. They often step back once the initiative is established. I remember some years ago a couple in our church organised a special dinner for our Pastors. The Pastors were transported over the night by different drivers to multiple locations. The dinner … Read More


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What can God do with brokenness in our lives? This week I have been speaking to high school students. The school is using the Japanese art of kintsugi to help students engage the ideas of creation, brokenness, restoration, purpose. We have decorated a pot, broken it, glued its broken pieces and planted a small tree.  Have you attempted kintsugi? The size of the … Read More


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Are you a champion? Do people hear you say, “try this…”, or “go here, the food is great…” or “I know just what you need…”! If so, then you are a ‘champion’. I wonder if you enjoy promoting something which you have found helpful or might help others?  Our church needs champions. We have great news about the freedom Jesus brings. This is too important to keep to ourselves. In church life … Read More


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As playgroup begins, the kids excitedly run to the ever-popular playdough table to begin making their wacky creations. They love the texture of the soft, pliable dough – it can be squashed or shaped, it can be broken apart and put back together. However, for playdough to stay fresh and functional it needs to be compacted back into one solid … Read More

Beauty, Truth and Goodness for All…

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This Sunday is the launch of our SALA exhibition for 2021! It has been exciting seeing artworks arrive at the church office – a great diversity of sizes, shapes, subjects, colours and materials. I’m fascinated to see where the artists find beauty, truth and goodness and how they have chosen to express them. The idea of beauty, truth and goodness … Read More


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Would you say helping a church get started is a good thing? At the end of this month, Unley Park will help a church do just this. Over the past months, we have had conversations with two Iranian church communities. They are wanting to combine to evangelise and disciple more of the 2000 Iranians who call Adelaide home. Through the … Read More

Church Update – 1 Aug 2021

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Hi Church, This update on what is happening Sunday is a regular fixture! We continue our relationship series and I am really looking forward to our guest speaker from Melbourne, Kim Smith. Kim will be speaking on “understanding singleness in God’s family”. Restrictions for Sunday are: People over the age of 12 will need to wear masks No congregational singing … Read More