Church Life

Our church is a vibrant community of every life stage, generation and an increasing diversity in cultures. There are many opportunities to connect with others, build friendships, serve generously and grow in faith for life.


From young to old, Aussie and 'new' Aussie, Unley Park is a community to belong to. Each month "Leisure Club" runs a program for early retirees and beyond. Every Sunday a growing group of 'internationals' from nations such as China, Venezuela, Iraq and Afghanistan, meet to study the Bible using basic English. We have youth group for young people, connection for singles, blokes and women's events.


Healthy communities help people thrive in life. People gather regularly for events or social gatherings. We run fun events for families. We offer opportunities for isolated people to belong. When someone is in need, people in our community generously support.


Join a group to grow in friendship and in faith We have a diverse range of groupsĀ for people of all ages. There are social groups. There are home groups. Home groups meet at various times and locations. There is likely to be a group that is just right for you! Want to know more? Please contact the church office.