The Gospels tell us about the life, teaching and work of Jesus. The author Luke is a careful researcher, to ensure people like his friend Theophilus are not misled. What a crucial commitment, especially when you are following a person like Jesus who embodies truth, integrity and faithful love. As we read Luke 1, we begin to see how Jesus is part of God’s big plan to rescue the world. To start, watch this video to get a big picture of the story of the bible.

Now read Luke 1 together (it is a long read, so share it around!)


  1. What is Luke’s reason for writing? Luke says his research should give Theophilus confidence in the history he will read. (vs 4) Do you think the same argument can be applied to us, 2000 years later as we read Luke’s account?
  2. What are the main events Luke records in this opening chapter?
  3. What are your thoughts about the miraculous events in this passage?
  4. What do Mary and Zechariah say about what God is doing? How does this connect the birth of Jesus to the story of what God is doing to rescue humanity?
  5. Having read this opening chapter, what do you think Luke’s Gospel will be about?


  1. How has this chapter influenced the way you think about Jesus, and what God is doing in the world?

Mid Week Readings