“The primary reason for the survival and growth of Christianity is the conviction of the first Christians that Jesus rose again from the dead…..It is not to be found primarily in the profundity of His teachings or His remarkable personality. It is doubtful that those qualities would have been remembered more than a decade or so after His death. It is His resurrection which caused every other thing about Him to be remembered.”

Paul Barnett, “Bethlehem to Patmos” 1989, p28

Read Luke 24:13-35


  1. Luke presents the Emmaus story as a journey from blindness (v16) to sight (v31). Why were the two disciples initially blind? What kept them from seeing (or recognising) Jesus? What opened their eyes?
  2. What beliefs, attitudes or experiences stop people from believing that Jesus is alive today? What could help people see things differently?


  • If the resurrection of Jesus to life really happened, what difference would this make to the world and your life?