Purpose: Set the relational foundations for meeting together


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If you have not met before – go around the group with questions such as:

  • Introduce yourself – something about family, what you do with most of your time, what you do for fun etc, how did you come to our church?
  • What do you hope to gain from our time together?

Discuss group norms & expectations


  • start and finish: clarify when the group finishes so people know when they are free to leave. i.e. ‘we will officially aim to finish the study by 9pm but people can stay for coffee or leave if they wish’.
  • Confidentiality: Understand what the group’s idea of confidentiality is. Some think it means we can share with partners, others believe it is just for group members. Neither is right or wrong, it just needs clarification, so people know where they stand. If the group norm is to share with partners but someone only wants the group to know they need to speak up and clarify that otherwise, it goes to the default of sharing with partners.
  • Giving advice: When people share in the group they are not always looking for advice, they just want to be heard and to be prayed for. We suggest the group considers if the speaker wants ‘advice’, it is up to them to ask for it, otherwise, we reframe, empathise, be present, and pray.
  • Air time: We are hoping to cultivate a group where all voices can be heard. Give the Facilitator permission to move things along if one or two people dominate the conversation. 
  • The right to pass: Some people find it intimidating to pray or read out loud or lead a study. Discuss how the group will negotiate this. You don’t want people not turning up because they feel pressured to do something they don’t want to.

Questions before exploring Bible passage:

  • Where do you see authentic community around you?
  • Identify inhibitors to authentic community?
  • Describe your ideal community. What can you see and feel? What does it involve?



Bible Passage:

Follow DBS method from here.


  • Who knows the ‘real’ you, and what life is truly like for you? Is this enough? Who else should know?
  • What risks do you feel God is asking of you for the sake of genuine community?


Suggestion for coming Growth Groups: Each time you meet have a different person briefly share with the group why they became/still are a follower of Jesus?

Pray together to close.


  1. Week 1 Belonging: Belong and help others belong
  2. Week 2 Word and Prayer: Deepen our Relationship with God
  3. Week 3 Faith: follow and help others follow Jesus
  4. Week 4 Rhythm: Develop healthy faith habits for Life
  5. Week 5 Service: our life in Jesus helps others