Purpose: Encourage one another in developing core habits of faith


Questions before exploring Bible passages

  • Have you had experiences of hearing from God (in any way). How are these experiences connected to the Bible and Prayer?
  • Describe the ways you pray and read the bible, what do you find helpful?
  • Why do followers of Jesus read the Bible?



Bible Passages:

Follow DBS method from here.


  • We have been using DBS to engage the scriptures. What is helpful with this process? For the future, what other Bible study formats do we value?
  • What is your current rhythm of engaging the Bible and Prayer? What would you like it to be?
  • How can we support one another to achieve this?
  • When we meet as a group, how can we grow in our practice of Prayer.




  1. Week 1 Connection: Knowing Others and Being Known
  2. Week 2 Word and Prayer: Deepening our Relationship with God
  3. Week 3 Generosity & Service: Living for the Good of Others
  4. Week 4 Discipleship: following and helping others follow Jesus
  5. Week 5 Rhythm: Developing healthy faith habits for Life