Purpose: Encourage one another in generously serving others with your time, talent, and treasure


Questions before exploring Bible passages

  • Where do we see generosity today? What do you observe in the culture we are in?
  • Share a story of a time when you were blessed by someone’s generosity toward you. What made that so special?



Bible Passage:

Follow DBS method from here.


  • How do you feel when you think about giving away your time, talent and treasure? ie “I feel too busy”. How might God be asking you to change?
  • How do you find ways to use your passions, skills and resources in the service of God?
  • How can our group support one another in our service?



  1. Week 1 Belonging: Belong and help others belong
  2. Week 2 Word and Prayer: Deepen our Relationship with God
  3. Week 3 Faith: follow and help others follow Jesus
  4. Week 4 Rhythm: Develop healthy faith habits for Life
  5. Week 5 Service: our life in Jesus helps others