Purpose: Develop rhythms to sustain a generous and joyful life in God and for others


Questions before exploring Bible passages

  • Why can it be challenging to live a ‘balanced life’?
  • What life priorities are you trying to fit into your 168 weekly hours?
  • How can having a rhythm help achieve a healthy and balanced life?
  • Regarding ‘balance’, what successes have you experienced?



Bible Passages:

Follow DBS method from here.


  • Given your reflection on the passage, in your rhythms what might need to be reset?
  • What Rhythm do we need to sustain our 5 keys to growing in faith?
  • How can we support one another with addressing this challenging aspect of life?



  1. Week 1 Belonging: Belong and help others belong
  2. Week 2 Word and Prayer: Deepen our Relationship with God
  3. Week 3 Faith: follow and help others follow Jesus
  4. Week 4 Rhythm: Develop healthy faith habits for Life
  5. Week 5 Service: our life in Jesus helps others