Exercise One – My Cup Runs over (Psalm 23)

Take a large coffee cup (or if a family use a bowl) and a pad of sticky notes or slips of paper.

  • Over the month, write on a slip of paper 3 things or people for whom you are grateful and say WHY.
  • At least once a week, consider how a kind action towards you cost someone.
  • Put the paper slip into the cup. Can you fill a cup in a week?
  • Once the cup fills up with gratitude notes, re-read a few before starting over.
  • Consider how you see God’s hand in these blessings and give thanks.

Exercise Two – Enter His Gates (Psalm 100)

Are you thankful when times are tough? We all know how tough this is. We can thank God when life is great, but how can we live thankfully in difficult times?

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Exercise Three – Let the Redeemed Say (Psalm 107)

What kinds of things can we do for our parents, siblings, and friends to show them how special they are to us? Doing this really makes you think about how much your loved ones do for you and how much they mean to you. One thing you might want to do is write a letter of thanks.

An Encouragement Card

Choose a person you are really grateful for and write them a letter of thanks. Be honest and specific. The more effort and heart you put into writing your letter, the more your message will mean to the other person.

You can use the letter template below and fill in the blank spaces, or write the entire letter in your own words. You can include anything you want, but be sure to describe:

  • The ways this person helped you
  • How this person’s kindness made your life better
  • Recognise the time or effort it cost that person to help you
  • Why this person chose to help you
  • How you feel about this person

Once you have written your letter, give it to the other person. This activity will work best if you read the letter in person. It may feel a bit awkward, but it will have a great impact on both of you.


Dear Person’s name,
Thank you so much for (describe the kinds of things this person has done to help you). This has really helped me (describe how this person’s actions have benefited you or what he or she inspires you to do). I also really appreciate how you (describe other things that this person does to help you or make your life better). I realize that (describe what it costs this person to help you in these ways). Your actions show me that (say why you think this person wanted to help you) and (what promise you think this person sees in you). I (describe how you feel about this person). Thanks to you I want to (say what this person motivates you to do).
Your name

Exercise Four – Grateful Acts

When gratefulness grows, generosity grows too. What act(s) of generosity can you do this week? Ask God for wisdom and faith, and then follow through on the promptings of His Spirit in relation to your giving.