“grace is not opposed to effort
it is opposed to earning”

Dallas Willard


To memorise one bible passage a month.
We encourage memorising the bible because when we remember in our mind and heart, it can shape us in our daily life and equip us to help others.

How to participate.

At the start of each month we will post a passage to remember, broken down by age categories. You have one month to memorise the passage. When you are ready, record a video of you reciting the passage, with your eyes shut (no peeking!) and no help. Send it to our church office to show you have nailed it and we will give you a prize for your great effort.


There is reward in having scripture in your heart and mind. But for those who like a little extra sweet help, We will give all successful efforts a chuppa chup (or equivalent) for each passage memorised.

Do you need resources to help?

  • Can you make the passage into a song? See the Verses Project for help on this.
  • Use one translation. CEV is good for kids.

Helpful free apps and websites