Key info for running our youth group

How to do Fri night Rego

Collect rego information, sign people in, collect money, provide a warm welcoming presence. Collect new people information – especially parent/caregiver contact information. What you will need use ipad to access What to do Regulars Guests & un-updated Regulars
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Safety First

A trustworthy community puts everybody’s safety first. First Aid Incident Report Youth Events Safety Plan Form
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Youth Weekly Checklist

Tuesday – Wed Youth Group Young Adults Other Programs Thursday/Friday Photo by STIL on Unsplash
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Leading Small Groups

Across our church, we seek to cultivate 3 areas of faith growth. FAITH: follow Jesus and help others to follow BELONGING: belong and help others to belong SERVICE: serve and help others to serve Did you notice the outward focus for each area? Healthy faith growth is good for you, and for others. Small Groups can support these faith outcomes

Delivering Community Nights

Our Community nights are our big, fun & memorable events that focus on building belonging in our youth group. They are active, culture building nights. To help make it easier to plan our community nights, here is information to get you going. Our 5 Keys for Community nights These Five Keys order our priorities for our decisions and our conduct.
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On Running games

There are lots of resources for games. Watch this video first on how to use games to build culture and community Helpful youtube channel Great intro to how to think about using Games Scouts resources Activity ideas Fun activities youtube channel Cool Game ideas Creative Team building Team building
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