We are glad to welcome all visitors to our church. But if you would like to engage fully in the life of our Church, we invite you to apply for church membership. Membership is open to all who have freely committed themselves as Christians. Any person who wishes to become a member of the Church may apply in writing to Church Leadership. Click here to access this document as a PDF.

Formal Church Membership gives people the opportunity to strengthen their commitment to a local church and participate in the discernment and decisions of key matters concerning church life


Since 1903 Unley Park Baptist (UPB) has been an evangelical church with a rich heritage of faith in Jesus, commitment to the Bible, vibrant community, global mission and more people following Jesus. At Unley Park Baptist our life in Jesus helps others with faith, connection, belonging and service:


By God’s grace and through his empowering Spirit we offer ourselves to God to:

Grow Faith

  • love God’s inspired word the Bible and seek to live faithfully by its truth … the truth sets us free (John 8:32)
  • Share the great news of life with Jesus wherever we are … we know there is a reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15)

Create Connections

  • strive to strengthen communities across pews, streets, and the globe… we let our light shine (Matt 5:16)

Build Belonging

  • Be a church where every person matters … we are many parts but one body (1 Cor 12:12)
  • disciple people of all generations to live life well… we know there is life more abundant (John 10:10)

Serve Generously

  • live joyfully and give generously … we know our true treasures are not in this world (Matt 6:21)
  • Be a church which is alive and activated by adventurous faith in Jesus … we are ordinary people who step out in faith (Heb 11:1)


In our Church we grow four faith habits to help people with:


  • we follow and help others follow Jesus
  • Daily Word & Prayer deepens our relationship with God


  • We connect people to help people


  • we belong & help others belong


  • we serve and help others serve


Baptist Churches have existed since 1609. Currently, there are more than 6000 Baptists in South Australia, and 73,000 across Australia. We have links through the Baptist World Alliance with over 34 million others in our worldwide family. Unley Park Baptist is a member of the Baptist Churches of South Australia (BCSA).

UPB holds as its core beliefs the Foundational Values of BCSA. In addition, the Church upholds the following Statement of Faith

  • The Deity and Lordship of Jesus Christ, being one with God the Father & the Holy Spirit.
  • The Supreme Authority of Jesus Christ in all matters of faith and conduct, as revealed in the Scriptures (both Old and New Testaments of the Bible) through divine inspiration.
  • Humans are sinful by nature and thereby separated from God and void of eternal life.
  • Jesus Christ, by His death, burial, and resurrection, is God’s provision for human sin.
  • Forgiveness, reconciliation, and eternal life are only possible through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Those who have truly repented of their sins and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation make up the Church, the body of Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in all believers to make real the presence of Christ, lead them into all truth, bestow gifts for service, and give power for holy living.
  • Jesus Christ will come again in person at the end of this age, bringing judgement and the fulfilment of our salvation.


These five behaviours are our shared code of conduct and show the order of our priorities to inform our decisions and actions. These in order are:

  • Safety First: a trustworthy community puts everybody’s safety first.
  • People Matter: We treat every person as unique and loved by God.
  • Generosity: We serve generously so others are better off
  • Growth: We give our best and grow to be even better.
  • Simplicity: We keep things simple, so we focus our efforts on serving well


There are privileges and responsibilities that come with church membership. The primary requirement is that you can demonstrate your own personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Upon formalising your relationship with us and declaring your desire to join us in our mission, we look forward to the ministry we can do together. We desire to see people who are far from God come into a relationship with Jesus for the good of the world he loves. We are following Jesus together, seeking to keep in step with the work of the Spirit. That requires sacrifices and the stewardship of our time, resources, and talents for the glory of God. We treat membership seriously and we expect to see our members contribute to the life of the church through:

  • Maturity in faith through personal submission to Jesus as Lord, a loving attitude towards all, being a godly example to the whole church family, particularly the young and young-in-faith, loyalty to the Church and Christ-like respect for and submission to others.
  • Joining our Church’s mission and ministry, both at home and abroad, through regular attendance, personal evangelism, participation in prayer and active service, according to capacity.
  • Regular, generous contribution to the finances of the Church, according to ability and with regard to biblical principles.
  • Attendance at Membership meetings
  • raising concerns and managing conflict in a biblical manner (see particularly Matthew 18:15-17).
  • welcoming, blessing and protecting children and other vulnerable people in the Church.
  • Openness to being coached or corrected by members of the Pastoral Leadership or Eldership


Any person who wishes to become a member of the Church may apply in writing to the Council. Potential Members are then interviewed by our Church Elders.

Membership Interview

At the interview with an applicant, the following will be explored:

  • How the applicant became a follower of Jesus
  • Why they wish to become a member.
  • Reflections on Membership requirements and practice

The Applicant will also have the opportunity to explore any questions they might have regarding the life and ministry of the Church.


Members’ Meetings are held three or more times a year to facilitate the proper management of the Church affairs. Notice is given by members being sent the Agenda and Papers prior to the meeting. The Chair at the Member’s meeting will ensure the meeting practices wise and timely discernment with respect to all items raised through:

  • Prayer;
  • Appropriate consultation with the wider congregation;
  • Careful listening to one another; and
  • Making clear decisions through a formal process of resolutions and votes.
  • Voting will be by show of hands, or by ballot if specified in the Constitution or directed by the Chair.

Resolutions require a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote (unless specified elsewhere in the Constitution) and will be duly minuted. All decisions shall be binding upon all Members, whether present or absent or refraining from voting.

Looking for more?

For further questions about the church or membership, please contact:

  • Lead Pastor: Rev. Jason Hoet
  • Chair: Andrew Edelsten
  • em: