Welcome to our Worship & Creative ministry Team! We are very glad for your service to our church through our worship ministry.

Our hope is we serve our church in enjoying and worshipping God together.

Accessing Services online

Our weekly order of service and roster is online at upbc.org.au/directory. The week you are rostered on you will be emailed a service reminder with a link to access the order of service. PDF and Video clips for songs are available in the order of service.

  • This 2 minute video provides a quick outline of what to do on a desktop computer.
  • Refer to this video if you plan to access services via a tablet or mobile device

Information Pages

If you are not into video, there is helpful information on these pages

You can also access here the pdf volunteer guide to download and read at your leisure

Service Leading

For those who lead services, refer to this 5 minute video for an outline of how to put an order of service together.

To read specific details, refer to the following page and follow the relevant links