"in sharing,
there is receiving too"

Special Offerings

In our church we have opportunity to share in ministry through regular and special offerings. This information helps make this support simpler.


Warm Winter Breakfasts

We are raising funds for the Westcare Centre. The money raised will increase the quality of a hot breakfast throughout winter. The breakfast includes bacon, eggs and porridge along with a hot coffee.

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Baptist Care SA website

use your credit card for a tax deductible gift at https://baptistcaresa.org.au/service/donate-now

At Appeal select 'Unley Park Baptist'

Open Doors - IDOP

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Join us in supporting perseuted Christians through Open Doors Australia

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Fellowship Offering

Our Fellowship Fund offering is used by our Church to support people in need

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Engage Work Faith

Support our ministry partner Engage Work Faith who help us to explore Christian faith with people we work with.

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Baptist churches are nothing more and nothing less than a group of like - minded Christians who get together to follow and represent Jesus’ kingdom in a particular locality. So, we receive no government funding nor subsidy from a state or national office. Financially, we entirely run off donations freely given.
Our current budget requires over $8000 per week, most of which we spend on our local mission here in Unley Park (including paying our Pastors). But we also support other Christian mission across SA and around the world.
There is so much good we can do together in Jesus’ name!

We receive a range of special offerings to bring God’s blessing and renewal to his world. You can give in regular services or online.

  • Thanksgiving Sunday— In September as part of our church celebration we have a special offering for various projects
  • Street Party Offering — at the Christmas Street Party an offering to support Baptist Care’s SA work with the homeless
  • Christmas Appeal — at our Christmas Day service, we partner with Baptist World Aid to support global aid and development.
  • Easter Appeal — at our Easter Services we support Crossover Australia to develop evangelistic resourcing for Australian Baptist Churches.
  • Engage Work Faith — On the fourth Sunday of the month we receive an offering for Engage Work Faith which encourages evangelistic efforts in the city and through market-place opportunities
  • Fellowship Fund — On the second Sunday of the month we receive the Fellowship Offering to support people in need
  • May Mission Month—Each year we profile focussed opportunities to raise our partner- ship and awareness in Global mission

Support Options

Our options for support and payments

For alternative support arrangements, please contact the Church office.

Our website is protected by online security by using SSL with a 256-bit encryption.

for events or special offerings, include details in the transfer description


PAY ID admin@upbc.org.au
(use with Bank App)


Account details
Unley Park Baptist Church
BSB 633 000 | Account No. 181493891


Simple and secure.
Use tithe.ly to give a single or recurring gift.


Give at any church service.


  1. Log in to your internet or mobile banking, start making a payment and look for ‘pay to a PayID’ (or mobile number/email address) in the ‘pay someone’ function. (it could be in the more... section.)
  2. Enter our PayID admin@upbc.org.au. You should see information confirming this transfer will be to our Church "Unley Park Baptist Church Inc".
  3. include a description for the purpose of the transfer – up to 280 characters ie “general giving”.
  4. Once you confirm the payment, the money will transfer.

tithe.ly - our online support app

Tithe.ly is a fast, simple and secure way to support ministry with our church. Wallet free and lightning-fast! Web/Online Giving, Mobile Giving, and Text (SMS) Giving are all options.

Download the tithe.ly giving app or click the "give online" button to give.  Your gift is safe/secure and there are options to select where it goes.  Plus, you'll be able to track all your gifts, set up recurring, and more!

Head to the tithe.ly website for detailed instructions and answers to common questions.

onlne giving
onlne giving


Bequests are gifts made as part of a will or trust and are one of the most popular and flexible ways to support causes that are important to you and your family. If you would like further information on this option, please contact the church office as specific wording is required in your will for this to be actioned.