helping one another follow Jesus

As followers of Jesus, our Sunday worship gatherings are vital…. but not enough. Not if we wish to grow in following Jesus. Not if we want to grow as a family of faith. Something more is needed.

We believe regularly connecting with other Christians helps us grow together in following Jesus.

Growth Groups help us do this.

What could a Growth Group develop in your life?

Growth Groups cultivate 5 keys for growing in faith.

Word & Prayer

foundations for our relationship with God


belong & help others belong

Generosity & Service

our life in Jesus helps others


Follow and help others follow Jesus


Develop healthy faith habits for life.

A Growth Group that fits!

We encourage you to join a ‘Growth Group’ which meets regularly during the week.
There are many different groups to suit the variety of schedules and focus.

Small Groups

Great for people looking to connect with others, support one another and grow in faith.

  • Meet with small groups of people (ideally 8-10)
  • can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Contact pastoral staff if you would like to join or start a group.
  • Strengths: Connection, Prayer, Discipleship

Types of groups: Home Groups, Bible Study Groups



BSF is great for people looking to deeply grow in understanding the Bible.

  • In partnership with Bible Study Fellowship people can study God's word.
  • BSF classes meet weekly in various locations.
  • See the BSF website or contact the Office for more information.
  • Strengths: Word, Discipleship, Rhythm

Types of groups: Weekly classes



Great for people looking for flexibility, accountability, and discipleship.

  • Groups of two or three for Prayer, Scripture and accountability
  • We encourage people to form groups from their friendships. We have resources to help you begin!
  • Easier to organise a flexible schedule.
  • Strengths: Discipleship, Prayer, Connection

Types of groups: Prayer Triplets, Mentoring, Fierce Friends



Great for people who enjoy growing in faith through active service.

  • Serve with others according to talents, passions, time, opportunity
  • meet regularly according to ministry.
  • Strengths: Generosity & Service, Rhythm

Types of groups: Church ministries, leadership, Internships, Projects



Great for people who love connecting with new people and helping them follow Jesus.

  • focussed on helping people explore faith and join the church community
  • Generally meet a few times a year around outreach projects.
  • Strengths: Discipleship, Generosity & Service

Types of groups: Exploring Faith, Outreach, Neighborhood Groups.



Great for people looking to grow in knowledge, or faith and life skills and have limited blocks of time.

  • Meet over a defined block of time for a particular focus.
  • 5-6 week blocks.
  • Promoted through the Church news.
  • Strengths: Word, Discipleship, Service

Types of groups: Equipping workshops, Enrichment seminars, Short series.