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One adult praying
for one young person
every day
for one year.

The purpose of this intentional prayer partnership is so our children and young people will know God personally, not just know about Him, and they will live faithful lives in service for Him.

It is a wonderful gift to know another praying adult is invested in seeing your child thrive in faith and life.


Daily Prayer

We match adults with young people and provide these Prayer Partners a focus and rhythm to pray daily.

Download the PDF Prayer Guide here.

Each day of the week focusses on one of seven key areas of the young person’s life. The following descriptions for each day are intended to initially direct your prayers. As the year progresses, we are sure you will expand on this content.


Prayer Partners

We invite you to join us in an opportunity to impact a young person’s life through your prayers by being involved with PROMISE TO PRAY.

Saying, “Yes!” to praying for a young person means you can enjoy the privilege of actively participating in their spiritual growth and daily walk with Jesus.

Join us as we embrace inter-generational prayer and spiritually invest in our future generations through PROMISE TO PRAY. Imagine what God might do in answer to your prayers in the life of young people, their families, friends and our church.

Adults from our congregation who PROMISE TO PRAY are accredited to work with children

Your Role

As a prayer partner we are asking you to pray for specific aspects of your young person’s life, each day of the week and so spiritually invest in their lives. Our vision for this simple commitment is that you will pray. This is not a mentoring role, requiring high contact time.

Please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Our church prioritises child protection and why we ensure our prayer partners meet our requirements for working with children. In all your interactions with children and young people we expect you to prioritise child protection too.
  • We believe you will take this commitment seriously but remember this is an activity of grace. If you forget to pray every day, the young person’s life will not fall apart.
  • We have worked with parents in matching prayer partners to young people;
  • We encourage parents to contact you if there are specific things to pray for;
  • Contact with the young person is to be made through parents or the church;
  • In this role, we discourage the giving of gifts to your young person.