Who is the event for? Anyone, families, singles, couples, men, women. Being clear on this can shape what you do and who might be interested in going. Get your target audience up front in any promo.


If you (with friends?) start a new event or group you become the ‘owner’. You will be in charge of communication to the church and handling the logistics.


when setting dates for your event, check out what else is happening around that time. Clashes mean people have to make hard choices, maybe like not coming to your event :-(. Please don’t bump into key church dates.


if using the church for a venue get your event into the booking calendar ASAP! To do this contact the church office. Church events get priority over external requests.


This is where your target audience matters. People at different ages and stages probably have different budget capacities. Pitch the cost so as many as possible can participate.
Generally, you should not count on the church covering your event. Not because we are stingy, but to make it so our budget doesn’t block great opportunities. If you think you have a ripper idea, which needs church resources and support, complete our “Event Proposal” document and put it to the leadership.

Be Responsible

Make sure what you are doing is appropriate. If you have to think twice about its inclusiveness or the possibility it might make anyone feel uncomfortable then don’t do it.
If you are putting something under the banner of our church, and it involves children, you will need to cover off child safe requirements. If you haven’t done the training, or have any questions, contact the office and we can chat.


We have a range of communication channels to promote your event!

Sunday Services: You need to know we are focussed about what is shared from the platform on Sunday. The more news shared, the less information retained. Generally, a promoted event needs to be relevant to as many as possible. To be clear on expectations:

  • Events will be promoted for 3 weeks in a row.
  • The service Anchor or Pastor will do the promotion in church news OR if it is appropriate an in-service interview can be arranged
  • We will not do last minute ‘off the floor’ announcements.

Church bulletin and eNews. Similar guidelines to Sunday services, but with a word count. Brief is best! Deadline is 9am Thurs morning.

Socials: We post up FB/insta events for you. You will need to provide an image and full details. We will not post up personal contact details, so enquiries can come through either the office, facebook or online rego.

Record for posterity
  • Remember to take photos! Send them to the Church office and they can get added to the Church’s facebook/Instagram account. We can use it for our annual church celebration video too!
  • write a very brief account (100 words) of the time to post up on Facebook
  • please note photos with children need parent/caregiver signoff. We may have this already. Contact the office to check.