Who is Guitar Club for?

Guitar Club is for anyone, of any skill level, who wants to improve their guitar playing. Our club is one where we enjoy playing guitar, especially as part of our worship of God. While not everyone has intentions to be part of our Worship Bands, we play music from church so we can grow in playing together. We meet during term time Monday nights, fortnightly, 7:30-8:30 pm. If you are interested, contact jason.hoet@upbc.org.au for more information. There is no cost to being part of the Guitar Club.

To register interest in Guitar Club, complete this form

Lesson Format

Guitar Club lessons are run in a group format. As there is a range of skills, we often break into subgroups according to ability. Generally, we will:

  • revise what we have learnt through the previous fortnight
  • focus on a new skill together
  • play a church song together, utilising our different abilities

Using YouTube together

YouTube offers amazing resources to learn anything. Guitar Club can match the power of YouTube with the support of real people. To help people advance in their skills, we combine YouTube lessons, with in-person coaching and accountability. Guitar Club can fine-tune what you are learning and provide live feedback. Guitar Club can also help you listen and play along with others, in time. Something it seems YouTube taught players lack.

Here are a few curated lists to get you started.

Beginners Lessons

Brian takes people through the basics. You can sign up to the free course here. If you have never played guitar before, have a go at getting the first 5 lessons under your belt. Don’t worry about getting it right, we can hone things when you get to Guitar Club.


Justin has a great beginners course. Here is his free (or donate) intermediate course to help you keep progressing. You can access these videos from his website

Electric Guitar

Now you have got acoustic nailed…

Worship Bands


Here are some youtube channels which we guitarists find inspiring.