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Kathy Heath is finishing as our Children & Families Pastor. Through incredible effort and experience Kathy has grown this ministry to be highly fruitful. Kathy would be the first to thank the amazing team of volunteers, but for now I want to focus on her.

Kathy & I met on Tuesday so I could get a sense of what happens in Kids Church and Playgroup. I heard in a few hours how every detail has been considered and every choice is intentional. This ministry is highly focussed on helping children follow Jesus. Kathy works hard to ensure the volunteers are well resourced for that goal. A sign of her leadership strength is our volunteers are deeply loyal to her.

There would not be a child Kathy does not know. Really know. Give her a child’s name and Kathy could tell you what they love, what they fuss over, how to bring the best out of them. Through this Kathy has worked with our families. Supporting through challenges, resourcing to develop personal faith in their children.

Over these past 8 years our church has had an extraordinary faithful servant of God. We know programs come and go, but our investment in people lasts. Kathy has been a coach, organiser, implementor, mentor, pastor, friend to generations of children and adults. This is her legacy and something I hope Kathy celebrates. I know we do.

With thanks,